BAUXITE, Ark. — Bauxite's Pine Haven Elementary has its own angels in mind this holiday season.

Students there raised money so their classmates in need will have a Christmas this year.

Counselor Deidra Cain sifted through a stack of wish lists on Friday.
More than 30 Pine Haven children are angels this holiday season.

“Here’s one, they want a pair of shoes for a choice for a toy, an air mattress, rechargeable flashlights, I mean it’s heartbreaking,” said Cain.

Many of the angels asking for the very things we take for granted.

"Some people don't get presents on Christmas, that’s why I wanted to help," said Jenni Sorvillo, 5th grader.

Students like Sorvillo have spent a week raising donations in creative ways. Like, bring a dollar to school, wear your pajamas to class.
The elementary kids have raised over $1,000 for kids on the Angel Tree.

Jenni may be young, just 11 years old, but she's fully aware that this is a cause much bigger than her.

"It makes me feel good knowing that other people around the world and here in Saline County at my school will get the same opportunity I do," said Jenni.

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Area churches have also stepped in to help adopt a Pine Have angel this year.

The angels are anonymous, but Jenni said it's the joy of helping that's made her Christmas worthwhile.