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Benton cycle shop to renovate concessions building at Tyndall Park

The family behind Holy Roller Bike Shop in Benton is turning an old concession stand in Tyndall Park into a breakfast/snack and equipment rental spot for community.

BENTON, Ark. — The family behind Holy Roller Bike Shop in downtown Benton is turning an old concession stand behind Tyndall Park into a fresh snack bar and sports gear rental shop.

Scott Elliott, the owner of Holy Roller, discovered his first taste of freedom when he learned how to ride a bike as a child.

One day, Elliott and his son took a bike ride in Tyndall Park for the first time in years and noticed that many of the kids lacked bikes or proper sports gear.

That's when they decided that they could do better.

The renovated concessions stand will be called 'Big Juicy" Burger and Dog— while it may just sound like a cool place to eat in the park, they plan to make it much more than that.

Upstairs, they will open Tyndall Pro Shop, where visitors can purchase or rent equipment such as sports gear, bikes, skateboards, and more.

Their goal is to create a spot for kids to get a bite to eat before or after school and have access to good gear and equipment to play at the park.

The city council approved the project yesterday, and the Elliott family is excited to begin this endeavor to bring joy to this beloved park.

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