NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Lots of you may be celebrating the Super Bowl tonight. One group in North Little Rock celebrated in their own special way.

Lakewood United Methodist Church hosted their 4th annual Super Bold Sunday, a cause working to help fight hunger in Arkansas.

They partnered with The Pack Shack to make an impact in their community - 50,000 impacts to be exact.

“About four years ago, we were doing a sermon series in January and at the end of the series we wanted to challenge the congregation to do something bold for God. It just by coincidence fell on Super Bowl Sunday,” said Pastor Luke Conway.

His church is matching bold faith with bold action by packaging thousands of bags for a food pantry in North Little Rock.

Hosting The Pack Shack before and after services helps them kill two birds with one stone. It also takes the pressure off those who want to volunteer but may not have time.

“Some of these folks have never been involved in feeding people, but we have hundreds who will do it on Sunday morning. It's one of the easiest mission projects we could ever offer,” said Pastor Conway.

The Pack Shack brings people together for what they call "feed-the-funnel" parties.

They work with local organizations and travel nationwide to help fight food insecurity.

"In the state of Arkansas, about 20 percent of the population suffers from that and don't know where their meal is coming from," said Ben May with The Pack Shack.

According to May, The Pack Shack has helped pack meals in 34 states so far. All materials are provided by the nonprofit.

This year, Lakewood set a goal to package a super bold 50,000 meals for people in their community.

“What's in them is soy protein, rice, a cheese packet, vitamins and minerals, and some vegetables as well. Cheesy rice and vegetables is what we're putting together,” May said.

The congregation is thankful to have the activity as a part of the church’s ministry.

“This is our fourth year. When we finish this morning, we would've completed 140,000 meals,” said Pastor Conway.

About 350 members helped pack meals today.

If your church wants to be involved, contact The Pack Shack on Facebook or on their website and they'll come set up, and it doesn’t have to be on a Sunday morning.