With litter becoming a big problem in Conway, the city has struggled to hire someone to take on the responsibility of keeping the streets litter-free.

"We created two positions in the sanitation department whose responsibility is to pick up litter, but unfortunately, nobody has applied for those jobs,” said Bart Castleberry, Conway mayor.

Castleberry said the city recently came up with a better idea by creating a partnership with Renewal Ranch, which houses men overcoming addiction, helping them transition back into society.

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"It was time for me to make a change, and this was the place for me to do it,” said Taylor Goldman, a Renewal Ranch resident. “I’m looking forward to giving back to a community I’ve taken from for so long.

The men of Renewal Ranch has taken on the job others seem they don’t want to do.

From here on out, they’ll hit the streets of Conway picking up roadside trash.

That’s anything from cigarette butts, soda and beer cans, and all things wrappers.

“A lot of what we’ve found so far is plastic bottles, there’s also a lot of cigarette packages,” said one of the men.

Castleberry said the city has come up with a contract agreement with Renewal Ranch.

Twice a week, 4 Renewal Ranch residents will work 8 hours a day for $10 per hour.

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“They are doing a tremendous service to our community,” said Castleberry.

Just like ridding of trash along the streets, Goldman is focusing on doing the same in his own life.

“The old is gone and the new is here,” said Goldman. “That’s the way I’m trying to live my life right now.”

The partnership runs through the end of 2019 and likely will move forward.