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Conway high schooler starts social media 'challenge' raising money for school lunches

"I wanted to give my gratitude for being in the situation that I am and share that with other students," Maggie Batson said.

CONWAY, Ark. — While most students are in class online, one local high schooler is using her free time to help others in the midst of these trying times. 

A junior at Conway High School, Maggie Batson, always kept herself busy between soccer, golf, and ACT club. 

Now with all this downtime on her hands, Maggie decided to put her focus on something else... others. 

"I have all this free time on my hands, what else am I supposed to do with it," she said. 

With the rest of her junior year officially online, Maggie said she's missing her friends and the way things used to be. 

"My soccer team, that's what's been the hardest. That's been really hard," she said. 

Rather than focusing on what could've been, Maggie turned her attention to what matters most. 

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"Just how fortunate I am and how it's really not fair, so if there's a way I can give back, I feel like that's almost what I should be doing," she said. 

Maggie heard how her school district quickly ran out of the boxed lunches they were giving to students and put matters into her own hands. 

"There's a lot of Instagram challenges going on right now. Like, people post a cute picture of themselves with a positive caption or do 10 push-ups," she said. 

So, Maggie decided to make a challenge of her own. 

She asked people to stay home, dress up for prom, and post a picture.

Then, donate half the money they would've spent on a prom ticket to Conway schools' boxed lunch program.

"To me, the fun part about prom is the dressing up anyways. This gives them an outlet to do that while also doing something positive," Maggie said. 

Only a week in and the high school junior has already raised over $1,000. 

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Maggie said she feels grateful for what she has and knows there's a lot more to give. 

"I wanted to give my gratitude for being in the situation that I am and share that with other students," she said. 

Maggie said she plans to keep the fundraiser going until the summer and she hopes this inspires others to give. 

You can donate to her fundraiser here

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