LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock brewing company is crafting up a special draft beer to help victims of the California wildfires get back on their feet.

One of the most destructive wildfires in United States history started in Chico, California nearly two months ago. The fire burned over 100-thousand acres and killed 85 people. Thousands more are displaced and still left without homes.

“There’s people who are sitting there homeless wishing they had an extra dollar right now," Nolen Buffalo said. "This was easy something for us to do. We already make beer.” 

The fire burned near the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico. The brewery itself was not affected, but the family owned brewery opened up its facility for people to get electricity and water. Sierra Nevada decided to do even more to help generate more money by creating the Resilience Butte County Proud IPA.

“They wanted to put something out for the people that lost everything, or nearly everything, so they created this beer and told the community it was going to be for sale. All the proceeds will go locally,” Buffalo said.

Buffalo is the owner of Buffalo Brewing in Little Rock. It is currently the only place in central Arkansas selling the Resilience IPA. One-hundred percent of the proceeds go towards the Sierra Nevada fund.

"We put this beer on two weeks ago tomorrow and I think we've gone through six kegs,” Buffalo said.

So far, more than 1,400 breweries nationwide have started selling the beer. Buffalo said Sierra Nevada made the recipe for the IPA available for breweries to make, since demand was too high for the brewery to ship.

“Everybody is making this exact same beer. We’re all sending the proceeds back to the Sierra Nevada fund to give to the camp fire victims,” he said.

Buffalo said he made 10 kegs of the IPA. He hopes to raise close to $2,000.

"A pretty good chunk of change from a little itty-bitty place like this we're able to contribute,” he said.

Buffalo describes the beer as a traditional West Coast hoppy IPA. It took about two weeks to brew.

”This was a simple ingredient list. Contributing to someone else’s fund, especially if they were giving us the materials to make the beer, it was just a no brainer,” Buffalo said.

Buffalo is saving a keg for Resilience Day on Saturday, Jan. 26 at Buffalo Brewing, where he hopes to completely sell the beer so he can send off the check. 

Resilience IPA is also available in Arkansas at Slate Rock in Amity, Rapp Barren in Mountain Home and Ozark Beer Company in Rogers.