Craig O’Neill’s nickname for Florence Mattison Elementary in Conway? “FloMat.” 

An obvious reference to track star “Flo-Jo,” considered the fastest woman of all time. What makes the nickname even more appropriate is the fact the FloMat is the only school on the Reading Road Trip with its own running track adjacent to the school!

But, today’s book was “The Boo Boos That Changed the World." It’s the story of finding solutions to what appear to be insurmountable problems. This led to a discussion about how to end the government shutdown and get past the wall stalemate.

There were several suggestions.

Eli suggested we make it a tourist attraction. Hey, it worked for China. 

Hannah said, "Why not build the wall with all natural ingredients?" 

Nahriul wondered why we didn’t make it one nationwide “do-it-yourself-project.” Interesting. 

Amazing how books can lead to enlightenment, a tradition that dates back almost 600 years.

2019’s Reading Road Trip has begun and Thursday we’re headed to Poyen.