LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Craig O’Neill showed up at Robinson Elementary with another book about the Wayside School as a part of the Craig O'Neill Reading Roadtrip.

Fourth and fifth graders heard the story of a psychiatrist who cures a woman of smoking by hypnotizing her and making her think the cigarettes are worms.

Yes it was bizarre, but most of the stories in the Wayside School Series, written by Louis Sachar, are. They stretch the imagination, are full of action and wonderfully visible.

But fourth and fifth graders don’t care. They want to be entertained and inspired. Sometimes, doing something a little bit different, or reading something outlandish can perform that task.

The Wayside series is about a school where, instead of classrooms being side by side, you’ll find one on top of the other. This is why Wayside School is 32 stories high. If these kids are inspired to read the whole series this summer, their imaginations will be better for it.