BENTON, Ark. — As Craig O’Neill arrived at the Benton Boys and Girls Club, who should drop in but THV11’s Chief meteorologist Ed Buckner. Craig immediately put him to work, reading the goofy parts of A Book With No Pictures

Chances are good the Club has never seen anything like this in its 50 years.

That’s right, the Benton Boys and Girls Clubs are celebrating their Golden Anniversary.

The newest club, site of the Reading Roadtrip, is only two years old and features a tremendous gym, game hall, activity area, and upstairs. 

There are meeting rooms, computers and even drums where the kids can practice and learn new skills.

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Congratulations to the Club on 50 years and as a token of their appreciation,  they gave Ed and Craig a gift that displayed their confidence in Ed’s forecast for partly cloudy skies.