LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — One Little Rock school experienced the second day of a walk-in -- this time, Craig O'Neill style.

Yes, it was a walk-in, only in this case it was a “Walk-In and Read.”

After teachers played a game of charades, in which kids had to guess what Ms. Long, Ms. Beavert, Ms. Pinkerton, and Ms. Garrison loved to do in their spare time, Craig did his favorite thing -- read!

First graders met a cyclops made of clouds, kids, and a grandmother who baked incredible cupcakes. 

They learned of the capacity that all people have to make the world a better place.

“The Cloud Cyclops” was written by Dr. Victor Biton. He is a neurologist and expert on epilepsy. 

When he told his grandchildren stories, they insisted he read them again and again and again. 

Victor had to write them down and that's how he has now produced six children's books. 

They are colorful, action-filled, family-oriented adventures that turned out to be perfect for the first graders at Mablevale Elementary. 

For the record, they all knew what a cyclops was!

The show of support with the walk-in earlier this week was a good idea. But, when you bring a book with you to read to students, it becomes a great idea.

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