MAYFLOWER, Ark. — One school, one book. 

It’s a way to get a whole school's kindergarten through fourth-grade focused on reading the same story. 

Kari Barnett, the library and media specialist at Mayflower Elementary, heard about the success Wooster had doing something like it, so she began the process at Mayflower.

I joined them on the morning of September 18, and read the first chapter of “My Side of the Mountain.”

It’s a story about a boy who runs away from home and learns self-reliance in the Catskill Mountains. 

It’s a page turner, and even if the younger kids need it read to them, they’ll easily get caught up in the story.

Every child got a bookmark with a weekly reading assignment. They’ll finish the book just before their Thanksgiving break. 

We bet some kids will finish long before that; they just better not give away the ending.

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