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The crayons go on strike at DeWitt Elementary School

The book touches on issues these kids were ready to encounter, so encounter they did.

DEWITT, Ark. — Just five days after the teacher strike in Little Rock, there was another strike in another Arkansas school district -- DeWitt Elementary.

The crayons went on strike! 

This was "The Day the Crayons Quit" -- a great book from Drew Daywalt. 

I read to third-graders in the gym and yes, it was a picture book. And this age group is starting to get past that. 

But this book touches on complex issues like justice, and fairness, and compromise. These are issues they're ready to encounter, so encounter they did. 

This is the age we have to get them, folks! 

They've got to be on grade level by the end of the year, and if we can show them how much fun it is, the mission is half accomplished.

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