Envy, Rage, Disgust, Good Works, Love, Photosynthesis.

Just another day on the Reading Roadtrip.

Conway’s Woodrow Cummins Elementary probably had never seen a day quite like it. 

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Second graders were taken through a range of emotions with the reading of just one story. This happens with books.

Oftentimes, after just one page, kids learn how to deal with the range of feelings they encounter every day. 

That’s another benefit of reading and hearing stories.

In today’s reading, the kids heard about jealousy that gave rise to good deeds. The kids were more willing to talk about their good deeds than those moments they felt jealous, but they did talk and share and give their response to what they heard.

We call it, "active reading." A good time shared is what we hope the kids call it.

By the way, this school is famous in Conway. Their namesake, Woodrow Cummins himself is not only still alive, but he comes to read to the school too.

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When the past and future come together over books, that's how you know reading is being done right.