CONWAY, Ark. — First off, we apologize to all the teachers and kids at Ida Burns Elementary in Conway who were trying to study in the classrooms near the library. We got a little noisy.

It all began when I first walked into the room. That usually happens. I can't figure it out. 

But, we did get down to reading the book. It's about anxiety and mistakes, cloaked in an impossible and totally outlandish situation -- a dinosaur enrolled in a school.

Ida Burns was totally demolished a few years ago and a new school was built in its place. 

They've got an almost new library stocked full of books, or as I like to call them, adventures. 

The lesson of the day: Why limit your life to the small screen on a phone or a video game, when with reading, there are no limits?

We think it registered. We'll see.

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