If you’re talking about reading, Ms. Stover’s third grade class at Bobby Lester Elementary in Jacksonville is a prime example.

They ambushed the Reading Road Trip with a book show. Everybody in the class wanted to show what they had been reading.

Fantasy, horror, historical fiction, biographies—they had it all. Even a journal. Catching a child reading (and an adult for that matter) is a pure joy.

Now, a Craig O’Neill True Confession:

At Carver Magnet, in their East Lab, I was beaten... badly. In a children’s book reading contest that proved to be no contest. 

The project was a “Book Bracket.” Just like the NCAA basketball tournament, community readers were paired against each other reading popular kids’ books. They were all recorded on a computer by the 5th graders in the lab. 

Each week, beginning in the fall, kids viewed the week’s matchups and voted. Books and readers with the most votes advanced. 

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It came down to the finals between me reading “Kung Foo Pigs” and Stacey MacAdoo, Arkansas’ teacher of the year, reading “Ada Twist Scientist.”

Stacey won going away and I was upset. But, the big winner was Carver. They saw a marked improvement of students reading at grade level, with the help of things like the Book Bracket Battle.

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And what a week for Stacey MacAdoo. As Teacher of the Year, she attended a White House reception for all state teachers on Wednesday, and she beat Craig O’Neill on Thursday.

As for me, now I know how Texas Tech felt.