REDFIELD, Ark. — On Tuesday October 15, the Reading Roadtrip made its way to Hardin Elementary. 

The third graders there turned into monsters, but it was by design. It was all in honor of the book, “My Teacher is a Monster.”

The story is about a little boy named Bobby, whose perceptions change once he sees his teacher in a different light.

Despite the rough title, the book got an endorsement from Ms. Koonce and Ms. Mizell, the third grade teachers at Hardin. 

But this was just the warmup act. 

The big moment for Hardin Elementary is next Monday, October 21, when Skip Martin, the Grammy Award-Winning singer/songwriter, turned children’s book author will debut his book, “Morgan The Clydesdale Pony.” 

He’ll read to the kids in school at 2 p.m. and then to parents and families at 6 p.m. 

Little does he know, the school is also planning some surprises for him. 

Special songs have been composed, inspired by the book.

In all his years with Kool and the Gang, and now with the Dazz band (which is performing at the State Fair), chances are good Skip will be amazed at the reception he’ll get over his book. 

They’ve got quite a few accomplished readers at Hardin.

Hardin Elementary is in Redfield and the public is welcome next Monday night at 6 p.m. for “Skip Into Literacy.”

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