LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Grinchfest is happening at the Children's Library on December 23, so we decided to start rehearsing in front of a live audience -- UAMS Head Start kids! 

These were the itty bitties, the twos and threes. 

Abby Kerby of the Library joined me. She'd do the narration, I'd act out the Grinch.  

The teachers there told us that kids can't get enough of hearing words, whether they're read or spoken. These kids may not grasp the plot or the message, but they love the action. 

However, they didn't like the idea of Christmas getting stolen by the Grinch. 

"Nooooo!" they yelled. 

Group two was a little older. 

Teachers also told me that one of the biggest obstacles little kids face is hearing. Oftentimes, stopped up ears that can get treated easily get in the way of these early sounds. 

It's important to remember that literacy and health go hand in hand.

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