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Reading Roadtrip visits planet pre-K, where there are no limits

Schools are closed but books are open— and always will be.

On the planet pre-K, there are no limits. 

Need a dragon to hiccup fire so you can make smores? Got it. 

Stage a conversation between two characters of a book who are inside the dragon’s stomach at the time? No problem.

Need a house big enough to have an indoor and outdoor pool, with water skiing outside and two dolphins playing inside? Pre-K kids will be glad to make it happen... in their imaginations of course.

The beauty of reading to the kids at Central Arkansas Christian is that like all 3 and 4-year-olds, there’s an instant buy in. 

Start reading and the young minds will go there, which is why this age group gets more out of reading than any we visit year round.

The end of May marks the last school of the year. 

Schools are closed but books are open— and always will be.

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