GREENBRIER, Ark. — On a cold, wet day at Wooster Elementary, we all read about summer. It all happened with the help of this book, "Summer According to Humphrey." 

Every student in the school got a copy of this book.

This was World Read Aloud Day and I got to kick it off at Wooster Elementary by reading the first chapter. 

And as I read the book, the kids read along with me. 

In the science of reading, which is being taught all across Arkansas, this is a good way to get students to recognize the sounds that go with words and letters. It's especially good for beginning readers. 

From now until April, we'll all be reading about Humphrey and his frog friend, Og. 

And on my Facebook page, I'll be providing a running commentary. That's at, the leading Facebook page for hamster fans.

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