LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The sixth Reading Roadtrip of the fall semester took me to one of the most successful charter schools in Little Rock--the Little Rock Preparatory Academy. 

It’s a school with small class sizes, allowing for more individual intervention in case a student starts struggling.

You may wonder how the roadtrip enters the picture when you hear the title of the book: “Potato Pants.” 

It’s the story of a young potato, excited about a sale on potato pants, until he runs into an intimidating eggplant. 

Strange as it may seem, it’s the perfect story for kids with a conflict. It speaks to forgiveness and making friends out of perceived enemies.

Parents of kindergartners through second-graders at Little Rock Preparatory Academy received a copy of "Potato Pants.”

The book read today was a gift from another successful school, Pulaski Academy.

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