Sally Kurjan is a children’s book author in Ohio. At one time, she called Arkansas home and her parents still live here.

Based on her experience with a dog she adopted, Kurjan wrote the book: “Bernie the One Eyed Puppy.”

It’s the story of a small dog named Bernier, who has a few physical problems. Time and again, people show up and adopt “cuter” dogs; ones without issues. Bernie is always left alone and wanting love.

And that’s all of this story you’re going to get! If you want the rest, buy the book! Or, you could talk to a second grader at Quitman Elementary. 

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After Craig O’Neill read the book on the Reading Roadtrip, they were each given a copy that they could take home and read to their dog, little brother, sister, or parent. And who knows? It could lead to a summer of reading!

After all, Bernie has already produced his share of small miracles.