GRANT COUNTY, Ark. — On the Reading Roadtrip we have fun with words and the way they sound. 

Teachers tell Craig O'Neill that the sound of a word helps with recognition. On Thursday, Jan. 17, Craig was at the only school he knew of where the 'Y' in its name sounds like a 'W' -- Poyen Elementary. 

Kindergarten through 2nd grade gathered in the big room for some knee slappin', lip flappin' good times. 

The feature book "The Big Red Rock", was full of monsters trying to be good, suspense and fun characters working on a problem together, all the while becoming fast friends in the process. A good lesson for all of us while the times are what they are.

The Roadtrip is expanding its boundaries. This time Grant County, and next Tuesday, its off to Brinkley in Monroe County.