MONTICELLO, Ark. — Susan Cossey came home from work one day and turned on THV11, where she saw a promo for Craig O’Neill’s Reading Roadtrip. 

She has been a kindergarten teacher for 31 years. This year, to add a twist to reading in her classroom, she decided to invite community leaders to come in and read every Wednesday. 

After seeing the promo, though she lived in Monticello, she decided to call THV11. Craig said “sure,” and on Wednesday, Jan. 16, he became that Wednesday guest.

The book he read has become an internet sensation: “The Wonkey Donkey.” It’s wordplay about a mythical donkey whose separate traits produce a fun sounding book. 

For children learning to read, it’s perfect. You get phonics, fun and a great way to fire up imaginations.

Susan has been teaching long enough to know that, in young people, working the imagination is one of the best ways to foster a desire for learning. It’s a wonderful cycle. 

Books build imaginations, which then opens a child’s mind in wanting to read more, which leads to more books.

It’s a process that came to life on Wednesday, thanks to a donkey in Monticello.