CABOT, Ark. — Sandra Markle is a children’s book author in Ohio. “What if You Had Animal Teeth” is one of her most popular books. 

Well, on Friday, Jan 11, the kids at Magness Creek Elementary gathered in their cafeteria to meet Ms. Markle via Skype. 

Ms. Markle announced a sequel that has just been published: “What If You Had T Rex Teeth.”

She then went one step further, announcing that her new book was dedicated to Sara Adkins, the media specialist at Magness Creek. Sara's enthusiasm and ability to inspire a love of books in the kids had impressed Ms. Markle. 

Sara knew of the sequel coming out, but not the surprise dedication. She had saved some money from a recent book fair, to buy every child a copy of “What If You Had T. Rex Teeth.” 

But, Sara got something too -- a certificate of appreciation from Principal Kelly Bankston and Assistant Principal Kelly Riggs.

We’re not sure the kids noticed because they were too busy reading the T. Rex Book. Sara didn't seem to mind at all.