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Arkansas woman tells why time is so important in event of heart attack

A few minutes can make all the difference, Shirley Bradley said.

MORRILTON, Ark. — Getting to a healthcare professional quickly is very important when someone has a heart attack. One Arkansas woman knows that firsthand.

Sarah Gaines and Loretta Moore were part of a CHI St. Vincent team that worked on Shirley Bradley the night she had a heart attack

"This is obviously a miracle," Moore said.

That word came up a lot.

"It's just a miracle you know," Dr. Arvind Rao said.

The miracle of Shirley Bradley.

When she made it to the hospital, they shocked her 10 times.

"I said my chest was burnin'," Bradley said. "I don't remember that. They said I walked to the car, I don't remember that."

 Shirley's son and daughter then made a life-saving decision

 "Mom didn't look like she was feeling very well so instead of goin' to Conway, we'd just go ahead and go into Morrilton," Shirley's son said.

Shirley was seen by Dr. Rao after first being stabilized in Morrilton and med-flighted to Little Rock.

"What they did at St. Vincent's in Morrilton, made a huge difference," Dr. Rao said.

Rather than drive Shirley to Conway or Little Rock where the ERs are more elaborate, they chose their neighborhood health center in Morrilton.

"We are a great benefit to the community because we're there to be that frontline," Moore said.

And after 36 therapy sessions, she's getting back to normal.

"And I did all those and I finished last week," Bradley said.

She's ready to move on with her life.

"Continually doin' what I've always done, haven't mowed the yard but planning on doing it," Bradley said.

Shirley has an important point to make to anyone at risk for a heart attack.

"Get help and get it immediately," Bradley said.