LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Terry Colley's kidneys were failing. She had type 2 diabetes and hypertension. She was struggling with obesity.

Now, she's living a healthy, active life. All because of a surgery that helped her manage her diet.

The type of bariatric surgery she had is called the gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr. John Webb performed the surgery. He believes that the surgery should be more common because of the high rate of obesity.

Colley is a nurse. She chose the surgery, because of its success rate.

There are three aspects: the surgery, nutrition and exercise. The last two last a lifetime. The surgery takes about 30 minutes.

"I got deer hunting," Colley said. "We go camping all the time. I stay busy."

She's sticking with it.

"The patient has to own this problem," Webb said.

The surgery is recommended for people 100 pounds or more overweight and recovery is usually a day.