LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – It’s time for our bi-monthly reminder to get in there and see your primary care physician.

It benefits all of us to raise our medical IQ. You can test yours right now by seeing if you can figure out the problem confronting David Newsome.

Newsome is a heating and air man and has been in the business since 1980. He’s big believer in regular checkups and goes every three months for good reason.

“I've had back surgeries and I've had a triple bypass,” Newsome said.

But recently, David, active all his life and an avid outdoorsman, was bothered by a growing problem.

“When you don't have the get up and go anymore to where you'd just rather sit at the house and relax and be a couch potato,” Newsome said.

What was his problem, you ask?
A. Not enough coffee
B. Not enough sleep
C. A drop in testosterone
D. Carbon monoxide in heating systems

Think about it while Dr. Wilkerson reminds you of a basic family doctor rule.

“No one question is too simple or too silly to ask your doctor.”

And in the case of our question, the answer was C.

“Testosterone normally decreases as you get older but for some men it decreases more than it should,” Dr. Wilkerson said.

David's cardiologist had been consulted and other tests were run.

“Once those came back okay, we decided to put him on testosterone replacement,” said Dr. Wilkerson.

“It really does put energy back into you that you didn’t know you had, said Newsome.

Another happy and more energetic ending because of wearing the gown.