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Ahead of Mother's Day, CHI St. Vincent spreads awareness of breast cancer

Experiencing fear during Mother's Day is not acceptable, but reassurance is. Remember the importance of breast cancer check-ups.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Teisha is a patient care coordinator at the CHI St. Vincent Breast Center. It's her passion.

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about two years ago and she actually lives out of state," Teisha explained.

The love of her mother is what motivates her to protect others. 

"It brings in a level of compassion and empathy that you aren't able to be taught and it just kind of comes with experience," she said.

Teisha is part of the team concept at CHI St. Vincent's, captained by Dr. Sirinya Prasertvit. 

"All women can be affected by breast cancer," she added. 

As the St. Vincent team points out, be aware. Make yourself aware -- a message that can get lost in the time of COVID.

"Some of that might have been lapsed a little bit, we may be a little bit behind on our preventative cares," Dr. Prasertvit said.

Preventative care with three steps:

  1. Self-exams
  2. Regular check-ups
  3. Know your family history to know if you're high risk

"And in that regard, we here at CHI St. Vincent also have a high risk breast program where we survey, monitor, and do exams along with our breast center," Dr. Prasertvit added.

So, what if you're high risk?

Mammograms and exams are then scheduled out on a regular basis -- all with one goal in mind.

"To try to figure out as soon as there is a very small blip of abnormality, we pick it up," Dr. Prasertvit said.

And when Dr. Prasertvit says "we," she means the radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, and the support group that make up the team.

"All your questions are answered and you're not confused or terrified," Teisha explained. "It really helps make the whole experience a little less scary."

Because experiencing fear during Mother's Day is not acceptable, but reassurance is.

Reassurance knowing if you ever need them, you've got a CHI St. Vincent team.

Here is a list of CHI St. Vincent contact information: