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World's best neurosurgeon can be found at CHI St. Vincent in Little Rock | Wear the Gown

If you are ever diagnosed with a brain tumor and need the best surgeon in the world -- your best bet would be to simply head over to Sherwood.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — If you are ever diagnosed with a brain tumor and need the best surgeon in the world -- your best bet would be to simply head over to Sherwood.

Barrett Hatches is a big fan of Ali Krisht. Over a month ago, Hatches was diagnosed with a tumor on the pituitary gland pressing on his optic nerve. Affecting his vision, though he felt fine, he needed brain surgery.

“And all I could think wow, they're going to cut my head open and I'm never going to be the same,” Hatches said.

His wife Ann knew of the reputation of CHI St. Vincent neurosurgeon Dr. Ali Krisht.

“And so when she turned to me and said, we're going to Little Rock to see the best doctor in the world who does this,” Hatches said. “That's why I'm here.”

Hatches is in Sherwood, even though he is CEO of a medical group in Chicago.

"And I'm going to be challenged by the medical community that I work with in Chicago," Hatches said.

But you can bet Dr. Krisht is known in Chicago. He has an international reputation and very experienced with Barrett hatches surgery. 

Dr. Krisht has performed almost 1,000 surgeries like Hatches’ now. He said there would be no going into Hatches' skull. 

“We establish the safest entry point,” Dr. Krisht said. “In his case it was through the nose.” 

But was it successful? 

“I couldn't see this a month ago,” Hatches said, holding up his hand. 

Now his vision restored, his pituitary tumor free, Hatches openly and enthusiastically shares his life lesson. 

“The more in control you think you have always been the harder it is to surrender,” Hatches said. 

By surrendering, divine intervention stepped in, to eventually deliver him to a surgeon whose philosophy is no matter how many surgeries he's done, that if it's the most important day of the patient's life, it's the most important surgery of Dr. Kristhi's life. 

“And if you have that attitude then you going to always want to do better,” Dr. Kristhi said. 

“It's not a miracle,” Hatches said. “It's a message.”

Doctor Krisht has traveled all over the world to perform surgeries and give lectures. In May, he travels to Stockholm, Sweden to be presented the Herbert Olivecrona Award. It's considered the Nobel prize of neurosurgery. 

CHI St. Vincent marked a milestone in the expansion of its Arkansas Neuroscience Institute with the formal groundbreaking for a $17 million education and research center at CHI St. Vincent North in Sherwood.

The new education and research building at CHI St. Vincent North near Little Rock will be part of a destination neurosciences institute that provides advanced neurosurgery care to patients in Arkansas, in the United States and internationally.

The Arkansas Neuroscience Institute, currently located a few miles away at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary in Little Rock, will relocate its surgical and clinical operations to the newly expanded center in Sherwood by the end of this year. The education and research center will open its doors in early 2019.

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