LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock resale clothing store is working to give at-risk teen girls new clothes, shoes, purses and more this holiday season. But, without the community's help, there might not be enough clothes and items in stock to meet the need.

Live Thankfully Little Rock just opened 8 months ago, but they are already working to help the community as much as they can. They sell gently used, affordable clothes and household decor for women and teens in the community.

The organization gives 100 percent of the profits to local nonprofits that help young people and families.

Recently, a donor from a local church came to Live Thankfully and donated 100 gift cards to teenage girls from a local middle school. Live Thankfully matched the donation. Now, there are 100 teen girls with 30 dollar gift cards excited to shop for the holidays.

All the girls participate in the Alexis Ware Lessons for Life Program. In that program, Alexis goes into schools all across the city mentoring and helping young people make positive life choices.

“We believe in teenagers and we believe in their value in this community,” said Kimberly Cook, Executive Director of Live Thankfully. “We just wanted to bless them this Christmas season.”

With so many girls coming through their doors, Live Thankfully is facing a limited supply of teen clothes and accessories. Now, they are asking for your help.

"What we are asking the community for is more trendy teenage clothes,” said Cook. “We want to bless these teenagers with the best choice and selection that they can possibly have.”

Live Thankfully is an upscale resale where clothes are nearly 70% off of retail price. That means when the teens come to the store to shop with their gift cards, they are able to purchase a lot more items.

Live Thankfully's Volunteer Coordinator, Jacquie Atkins, said some girls have already came in with their gift cards and one got a stack of new things.

“She got a lot of items,” said Atkins. “She got several pairs of jeans and a couple of blouses.”

What amazed Atkins, though, is after the young girl got some clothes her herself, she spent the rest of the money to bless her sister.

“Her little sister found a little short sleeve sweater that she really liked but she said she couldn't get it because she didn't have any money,” said Atkins. “But, the big sister put the sweater on the counter for her and bought it for her little sister.”

Atkins said another teen also came in with her gift card the other day. This girl told Atkins that she didn't want anything for herself this year.

“She spent every penny, but none of it was her,” she said. “All of it was spent to bless people in her family.”

Atkins believes these examples show the Alexis Ware program is working. She said it shows that these girls truly deserve community support.

“It's teaching them to be completely selfless,” she said.

Live Thankfully is accepting donations of like-new and gently used clothes, purses, accessories and decorative houseware items for teens and women. They also encourage teens to come volunteer at the store for their community service hours.

Learn more about Live Thankfully here.