BENTON, Ark. — The Saline County Toy Commission has collected toys for children for over a decade and this year, their list is the longest they’ve seen in years.

“Every kid deserves a new toy at Christmas. It helps them, makes me emotional,” Toy Commission President Pennie Roberts said.

Roberts is making a list and checking it twice.

“We try to help the families that come in. They fill an application out,” she explained.

She was shocked by the number of names accumulating. 

“Right now, at this point, I have about 70 kids on the list,”  Roberts said.

They are taking applications for families in need until December 11.

“We try to accommodate 2 to 12, but if the families have kids that are older, we try to take that into consideration and find something for them also,”  Roberts said.

They need help getting as many toys as they can for the distribution event on December 21.

“There has been a greater need this year than there was last year,”  Roberts said.

Because they've seen a greater need this year, they’re going to need more toys than this.

Boxes have been placed at Dollar General stores in Saline County for toy donations. If you don't see one, just ask the manager where it's located. 

The group has partnered with Odd Fellows to store the toys. 

They will try to keep them stocked year-round for any family who may need them in the county.

“I’ve had parents come to me and ask, you know, ‘we’ve never had to do this before’ and they felt bad about it. I just tell them that’s what we’re here for,”  Roberts said.

If you’d like to donate, you can contact the coordinator directly at (501) 303-8747.

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