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Domestic violence shelter gifted security cameras to help survivors feel secure

Many people have doorbell cameras to prevent their packages from being stolen or to keep an eye on their property— but this technology could also help save lives.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 'Women and Children First' have been providing a safety net for domestic violence victims for 40 years and last year alone they served over 250 people.

“We want women to feel empowered, that it's okay, you've gone through your situation, but your situation will not be you,” said Shelter Advocate Jocelyn Davis.  

Davis says they work to make sure the families they serve are protected and now many survivors will have a safety net at home thanks to a donation from ring.

“We're excited to be here and donating 1,000 ring devices, including ring video, doorbells and security cameras to help amplify survivor safety,” said Karla Torres the Head of Community Engagement at Ring.

In addition to the cameras, survivors will be given a free Ring subscription. Davis says these security cameras are vital for survivors as they take the steps to start over.

“This is just one more thing that we can add to our program to help women feel strength and feel safe,” said Davis. “And when you have something, you can go back, and you have proof.”

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. says this tool can act as extra eyes to keep the entire capital city safe.

“While violent crime is down, negative 6% homicides are up, and most of those homicides deal with domestic violence,” said Scott. “And so, this is a direct way to address and curb domestic violence.”

The small piece of technology is providing confidence for vulnerable communities.

“It's not so much as the he said, she said, they can feel safe knowing that hey, I can feel protected. Somebody's watching me, somebody's helping me,” said Davis. “And I can go with confidence and I know that I have a chance to live life outside of domestic violence.”

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