SEARCY, Ark. — "Sparrow's Promise" opens its doors to the community in less than a week. The Searcy organization that helps find foster homes is also honoring special families this week.

The new building will have three wings that honor people that have made big impacts on children’s lives.

“We’re in the middle of a remodel project right now and re-branding from Searcy Children’s home opened in 1974, and now transitioning to Sparrow’s Promise,” executive director Brandon Tittle said.

The children moved from the Searcy group home to foster homes years ago, but they still want a central building that helps children when they need it most.

At Sparrow’s Promise, they’ll further their mission with trainings, visit centers, and a safe haven.

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“DCFS will have 24/7 access to when they have to remove a child and that’s a stressful situation for everyone involved and so they’ll be able to come here to our facility and wait there until they find a foster family,” Tittle said.

Part of the blueprint includes honoring Donnie and Hilda Clay, the group’s first house parents.

A wing of the home will be called, “The Donnie and Clay Safe Haven.” Hilda Coy said she is honored.

“It’s a very good feeling, it’s an exciting time because we feel that we can reach more children and serve the children better and the foster parents,” Coy said.

She’s glad something she started doing years ago, is still blossoming in this community.

“There’s so many children that needs loving homes and we don’t have enough foster homes yet,” Coy said.

For Hilda, being a house parent was an easy decision.

“There was a need in our county for foster parents and I just felt like that was something that my husband and I could do to help children,” Coy said.

She hopes when children are in the safe haven, they feel the love and support built into each of these walls.

“It’s a rewarding job. There’s times that you don’t know exactly what the child needs but you try you try to find out what they need and fulfill that need as much as you can,” Coy said.

The ribbon cutting for Sparrow’s Promise is scheduled for March 11th.