CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) – On Saturday, the owner of a Cabot motorsports store discovered that more than 100 tractor and lawn mower tires had been slashed. Now he's left with repairs and customers waiting for shipments.

Owner Nathan Pruss said this was a personal attack, and it's shown by the amount of puncture wounds in each tire. He’s still checking for additional damage to the vehicles besides their flattened tires.

“You can tell that it’s somebody who had a personal issue with me,” Pruss said. “All these tractors that were done, all the tires that were slashed on tractors that were already sold.”

Every day before they open the tractor lot at Bruno's Powersports each piece of equipment is checked, and normally, everything looks fine.

Pruss said early Saturday morning someone came on his lot and slashed tires on more than 30 lawn mowers and tractor trailers.

“There’s some tractors with over 20 puncture wounds, that’s rage,” Pruss said.

Since the incident, he's walked the lot looking for other damage that may have been caused by the vandal. But, he hasn't noticed anything being stolen or any other equipment being destroyed. He said he made a call to police to report the incident.

"They said this is one of the worst cases of vandalism they’ve even seen in Cabot,” Pruss said.

The damage could cost nearly $100,000, and Pruss hopes the person responsible is found. But for now, he's stuck fixing the mess that’s left behind.

"We have to order all the tires, and we have to break [the vehicles] down,” Pruss said. “Every one of these has to be done by hand; it's just a big hassle."

Business is back to normal, but Pruss said he would be stepping up security during the overnight hours hoping to prevent this from happening again.