LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) -- Most neighborhoods have cats and dogs, but few neighborhoods can boast about a peacock.

However, that's the case in one Little Rock neighborhood.

"He'll go back here, you know,” said Katina Maison. "He'll just go from car to car and just kind of walk around the yard, walk up and down the driveway, go back into the woods."

Maison lives behind Parkview High School in Little Rock. When Katina first spotted the Peacock she called the Little Rock Zoo. They told her the zoo no longer has peacocks roaming on their grounds. She then called Little Rock Animal Services and told them to come get the bird.

"They were supposed to send somebody out, they never sent anybody out. Then I called 911 and no one came out from 911," she said.

Peacocks, native to Southern Asia, are usually seen in zoos. The animals need a large space and do best free roaming.

"He honks, he honks at you," she said.

Maison said the peacock is not a fly by the night neighbor. Every evening for the past week the colorful bird will perch on the roof of her husband's shop.

"We look every evening for him to come up," Maison said.

She worries at this point that the peacock may be someone's missing pet and is hoping to find the peacock's owner or safe place for the bird to roam.

"It's just really cute watching him. If you think about it, normally you see them at the zoo, you don't see them out in your yard," Maison said.

Wildlife groups said they don't tend to catch peacocks because there is nowhere to release them.