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People gather at Arkansas Capitol for transgender rights rally

Some said these pieces of legislation are divisive and hateful towards the trans community, but others say they're meant to protect children.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In the Arkansas legislature, there are several bills that affect transgender care.

On Friday, people who opposed those bills took to the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol to voice their concerns.

"HB 1570 is the bill that prohibits trans youth from accessing transitional medical care even with parental consent," said Willow Breshears.

Breshears transitioned when she was in school. She says the messages behind the proposed bills create division.

"This really sends a clear message to trans children that we don't want you in Arkansas. We don't see you as valid," said Breshears.

Representative Robin Lundstrum is the sponsor of the bill. In a statement sent to THV11, she said:

"I was so saddened that some individuals choose to make this a divisive and hurtful issue instead of about protecting children until they can make adult choices. The bill's goal is to shelter children until they are able to make long-term adult decisions."

Breshears points out these bills isolate transgender girls.

Senate Bill 354 would prevent transgender girls from joining a girl's school, intramural or club sport.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge supports the bill saying:

"I introduced the GIRLS Act as a way to protect athletic opportunities for girls and women in Arkansas and keep a level playing field in sports and sports scholarships."

A third bill making its way through committee would require teachers to call students only by the name on their birth certificate.

None of the bills have been voted on yet but could make it to the house floor soon.

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