A lot of people will be traveling this holiday season and want to make sure their home stays safe while they're gone. That's why the Sherwood, Benton, and Little Rock police departments are offering free home security checks.

“It's way easier to go check 20 houses and make sure everything is okay than to work a burglary,” Sergeant Keith Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department said.

Sergeant Quinton Jackson with the Benton Police Department said homeowners can tell them as much or as little information as they want. You can tell them who is or isn't supposed to be there and when you plan to return home.

“You're getting that presence you're getting that patrol car going in there and the officer will get out of their car and go up and check the doors," said Office Steve Moore with the Little Rock Police Department. "They’ll walk around the house and shine a light and make sure no windows are broken or anything like that.”

If you live in Sherwood or Little Rock you can call in a request or fill out a form and turn it in to the police station but if you live in Benton, there's an app for that. All you have to do is put in your information into the app and pick the type of service you're requesting.

“Whenever we have all that information we send that patrol officer by that covers that district,” Jackson said.

Moore said Little Rock police will check your residence at least once a shift.

Mary-Julia Hill, President of the Little Rock Briarwood Neighborhood Association, said she doesn’t know why someone wouldn't want to take advantage of this free service.

“During the holidays probably more than any other time of the year, more than one family is more than likely going to be gone,” Hill said.

She said the officers do a thorough job.

“If someone's going to be pet sitting if someone's going to be visiting your home they will get the make model and license plate of the car so if that car is in the driveway they'll know it's okay but if that car is not in the driveway they’ll know it's not okay,” she said.

Hill feels the security check will keeps your home and your neighborhood safe.

“Whether you're going to be gone a week or just two to three days, all you have to do is call the non-emergency number and tell them you want a vacation home report,” she said.

Officers also say don't post on social media that you'll be out of town. They also advise that someone picks up your paper and mail so it doesn’t pile up because criminals will look at those things when targeting homes.