NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The North Little Rock Police Department is warning central Arkansans of receiving reports of skimming devices on ATM machines, stating, "several victims have reported receiving text messages regarding fraudulent activity from their banks," according to the Facebook post.

Police also warned of text messages that are perceived as being from your bank, but could also be a scam and to not reply if the text asks you to confirm a transaction.

Make sure that if you use an ATM and receive a text message that seems similar to NLRPD's warning, contact your bank immediately to confirm whether they sent the text or not.

An ATM skimming device is a fraudulent device on the face of an ATM that seems to be a normal part of the ATM and almost impossible for the customer to recognize.

Once a victim uses the ATM, the skimming technology immediately transfers over your financial data for illegal use.

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