NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Since 2012, the annual PopUp in the Rock program has transformed underdeveloped areas into thriving community spaces.

It was this program that helped bring bike lanes near Little Rock’s SoMa district. For the 2017 project, Create Little Rock and studioMAIN are creating a new business and entertainment plaza in a parking lot within North Little Rock’s Argenta District. It’s where the Dogtown Farmers Market typically gathers.


Chris Hancock, Vice President of Create Little Rock, said this year’s project in Argenta is different than past projects because the new structures will be available for two months. In past projects, they were only available for a weekend or a week.

“The theory behind all of this is that long term change can be accomplished through short term demonstrations,” said Hancock.

For four build days, a team of volunteers will create new structures that will be used to house vendors. Hancock said they could be utilized by Etsy vendors, local retailers, local musicians, artists, theatre groups, and performing arts programs. The project is funded by sponsors who provide random pieces of wood pallets, tires, and more to help create the space.

Felicia Hancock, Co-Chair of PopUp in the Rock, has been part of the program for the last couple of years. She said the program helps people imagine what could be.

“Hopefully this will get people used to coming to Argenta to use the community space for programs and events,” she said.

Caleb Tyson, Co-Chair of studioMAIN, said the space will be a great addition to Main Street.

“It will have that community environment, vibrancy, and feel,” said Tyson. “Just bringing in people that aren't usually on Main Street will be a big plus.”

PopUp Argenta’s grand opening will take place on July 21. The space will be active until September 15. Specific PopUp installations are inspired by community feedback and implemented through the efforts of partnering organizations, city government, and PopUp in the Rock volunteers. PopUp in the Rock began generating community feedback for PopUp Argenta in May.

You can learn more about past projects and watch videos here.

Dogtown Farmers Market is located at 410 Main Street North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114.