LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – The solar eclipse on August 21 is sure to be a popular event across the country and many people will want to capture the moment.

But simply just taking a picture won’t make the cut. Bedford Camera and Video VP of operations Austin Pittman said you can damage your lenses by pointing it at the sun.

"You really don't want to try to do it unless you know how to do it," Pittman said. “The brightness of the sun will go through your lenses and will actually fry your sensor, ruin your camera."

So, how do you take a picture of the solar eclipse? Pittman said it takes special equipment.

"You got to have a special filter. It's called a solar filter. You fit it in front of your lenses," he said.

He also recommends getting a telephoto lenses so you can zoom in on the sun.

“If you use just a regular camera, it’s going to be so tiny and so small you won’t be able to see what you’re looking at,” Pittman said.

Viewers of the eclipse might also try to use their cell phones, but it is not recommended.

"It can ruin your cell phone camera if you don't have one of those solar filters on," Pittman said. "We've got probably 100 people that will come in in the next two weeks looking for them."

Normal solar filters can cost hundreds of dollars, so a company created an affordable disposable option called the Daystar Solar Filter. However, they are selling out in store and online quickly. So unless you are willing to pay for a more expensive filter, it is best to just sit back and watch the event unfold with your eyes.

"You can get solar eclipse glasses if you want to look at it but just never point your camera directly at the solar eclipse," Pittman said.

Pittman said to keep checking in to your local stores and online to see if the disposable lenses becomes available.