LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – THV11’s Real Men Wear Gowns segments tell stories of men who have seen the light and get regular check-ups from their doctor.

It's a life lesson that makes you men smarter and as Craig O'Neill showed us, you have a dummy named Paul to thank for that.

Paul the mannequin just lies there not saying much. Well, unless his brain tells him to. His brain is in a Simulation Lab at CHI St Vincent's Hospital where your clinicians go to practice.

“The comparison I like to use is that of a pilot. Pilots become good at flying because they do simulation training,” said Jaqueline Arnold, Director of Nursing Excellence.

Arnold showed THV11 the room where even the most experienced nurses watch video tapes of how to operate the mannequin.

“I like to call them patients because we want the clinicians to really immerse themselves when they come to the simulation lab,” Arnold said.

To keep clinicians young and old on their toes, teachers like to throw technological curve balls.

“You can be the voice of Paul you can also manipulate Paul's vital signs so I can make his heart rate go faster. When I do that my hope is that the clinician is noticing that Paul's heart rate has gone up and I need to do something.”

Obviously, it's better to make a mistake in the simulation lab than on a real patient. This is all well and good, but how is this going to get more men to go see their doctor?

“When they see us doing these kinds of activities to help clinicians be experts at what they do then they're going be more confident and have that trust that's so important when they come to see their doctor or they come to the hospital.”

All this technology and practice time is designed so that when you put on the gown, they're ready for you. As for Paul, he really doesn't matter in this scenario.

There are actually three sim-labs in operation at CHI St Vincent's. Two are for women and one is for men. Practice in all three labs has already begun.