Little Rock, Ark.(KTHV) - Construction in the East Village of Little Rock is bringing new life to an old neighborhood. The construction is welding together more just metal. The redevelopment is cementing "new life" into east Little Rock.

Pete McCollins and his friends spent Wednesday afternoon at Rebel Kettle Brewery.

"The River Market is really great, but it's cool to kind of have a different kind of style of living over here. It has a different atmosphere than the downtown area."

Several other breweries and mixed-use developments are now calling the East Village home. McCollins is an advocate for the redevelopment.

"I was telling people the other day, people from out of town about this area over here, people who haven't been here," McCollins said.

Noticing the area's potential, McCollins decided to move to the area.

"I started just staying on my feet and walking around here," he said.

Most of the action is building up on the corner of east Sixth Street and Shall Avenue where investors like Haybar Real Estate see the start of something big.

Lauren Frederick is an agent with Haybar Real Estate and said, the area was once a dark area for the city, but that is changing.

"We're trying to bring life to it. We're trying to bring residents," Frederick said. "People [should] get out of their neighborhood, be able to venture from the River Market into the east side. See how awesome the industrial history of our city is."

McCollins said, he’s excited to see what the future holds.

"The only way it's going to stay alive if people actually show up. You can talk about it, but you need to be about it too. I moved down here for that reason alone," McCollins said.