A video showing Congressman Steve Womack being accused of refusing to answer any questions from a constituent from an August 2017 event has gone viral.

The footage went viral once NowThis, a digital news company, posted it to their social media pages on Wednesday.

In the video, Daniella Scott accused Rep. Womack of refusing to answer questions posed by people of color at past town hall meetings. She wanted to know about his position on keeping a Confederate monument in Bentonville, according to the video.

"That's why I'm here today," Scott said in the video, "because you will not answer my question."

As Womack grabs a plate of food from a nearby table, Scott continues to ask the congressman if he will answer her question.

"Am I that worthless to you as your constituent?" asked Scott later in the video.

Womack eventually leaves the gathering without answering her question.

Robb Ryerse, Womack's Republican challenger in the 2018 election, went to his Facebook page in August to answer Scott's question, saying there was "no need for anyone to dodge it."

In a comment, Scott asked, "If the majority of [Rep. Womack's] constituents are white, shouldn't he listen to the minority since those people of and the ones who are offended by those symbols of oppression?"

"The opinion of people of color should weigh heavily when it comes to the placement of the monuments," Ryerse said in response to the question. "Many of them were erected either during the Jim Crow era or during the civil rights movement and therefore were political acts."

We've reached out to Rep. Womack's team for comment on the video.