LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Downtown Main Street is attracting more people as more businesses flock to the area as it revitalization process continues. Only a few months on Main Street and new business owners are noticing the difference.

Those once vacant buildings are now holding customers looking to reclaim downtown as a Little Rock hot spot. New business means new customers which is something Soul Fish Cafe owner Jeffery Williams said the area could use.

"Anyone from Little Rock knows Main Street has went from being popular years ago to being run down to nothing to being revitalized now," Williams said.

Main Street will continue its facelift will a slew of new apartments, restaurants, and even some added technology. The corridor recently added two LED monitors.

"We're just continuing to do new kinds of installations as we have money and time to make them happen,” Marsha Guffey said.

Walking down Main Street you'll notice vacant buildings, but that's not a bad thing. Store owners said it makes room for more growth and business to the downtown area. Marsha Guffey, who helps bring the vision of downtown's future to life, said it's all based on how to bring people out.

"People like the Tech Park have located on Main Street and just a lot of things to bring energy and excitement and vibrancy to downtown Little Rock,” Guffey said.

Bruno's Italian Restaurant owner, Gio Bruno relocated from west Little Rock and was one of the first business on the block. Bruno said it's tourists and commuters who keep business booming.

"Everybody said it was a risk, but I love downtown and wanted to do it," Bruno said.

He said his numbers have doubled since moving down to Main Street, both from a mix of locals and tourists coming to the city.

The next phase is to add more trees and street furniture to the area. It's clear that Little Rock is hoping to draw more attention to downtown Little Rock in 2017.