In June 2017, the people behind Riverfest decided to suspend the annual music festival that happened for 40 years straight in Arkansas. But in 2018, a Memphis-based group is looking to bring Riverfest back to Little Rock!

Universal Fairs, which produces shows and expos across America, has confirmed it has purchased the Riverfest brand and is hoping for a three-day festival.

Jack Daniels with the Riverfest Organization confirmed with us the news, saying the group has studied the purchase for the past three to four months. During that time, he said they looked at what did and did not work for the music festival.

Daniels said they intend to make it an event that will be celebrated by Little Rock without being an inconvenience for those who wish to not participate.

He said that throughout the process, the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau were a "tremendous help" for the group and the eventual purchase of the Riverfest brand.

Daniels said many changes will be coming to the new iteration of Riverfest including lower ticket prices. He also said President Clinton Avenue would be excluded from the festival to allow local businesses to remain open to the public.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that the event will take place on Memorial Day Weekend and a music lineup would be announced in April.

On Monday, February 12, a press conference will be held at Riverfront Park to announce more info on the Arkansas tradition.