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Roofers remind Arkansans to check roofs after heavy snow

"Snow is heavy, the more layers you have, the more damage it does. You can bust rafters and do all kinds of damage."

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — After the most snow Arkansas has seen in decades, the Natural State finally saw some relief Thursday.

Although there's a break in the weather, some are already fielding calls for help.

"That's when it all breaks loose and people start calling," Ronald Keisler, owner of New Design Roofing, said.

Heavy snow and ice like we've seen over the past week presents plenty of challenges.

"Snow is heavy, the more layers you have, the more damage it does," Keisler said. "You can bust rafters and do all kinds of damage."

Because of that, he says business should hopefully pick up in the next couple weeks. Keisler says this isn't something that will be done over time.

"This could last for six months to a year and maybe longer, depending on how much damage is done in certain places," he said. "This is not a 'here today and gone next month', this is going to last for awhile."

So how can you check your roof for any damage? Most importantly, don't actually get on your roof yourself, unless a hospital and roof bill is what you're after, Keisler said.

"Very dangerous for the average man to walk on a steep roof," he said. "They try to boards or something on there, they're going to knock holes in the roof and do damage."

Keisler says the best way to check your roof for any damage is to look inside before you head outside.

"Go up in your attic and look up and see if you can see any bowing," he said. "Bowing is a very bad sign for roofs. Just go and inspect your home, see what you can see outside, inside, and see what kind of damage you think might've been done."