Back in May, we brought you the story about "The Old Shoe Tree" and how it helped shape the small community of Sardis for decades before it was removed.

While the memories will never fade, there's a new a tree in town and it's bringing new memories. The Sardis Christmas Tree is special in its own way and is spreading plenty of holiday cheer.

“It was really heart breaking to see it go, but we all knew it would go sometime,” said John Cohen, as he reminisced about the tree full of shoes. It was a landmark that was loved by everyone in the area.

"I think eventually a monument or something will be put there to remember it by,” Smitty Galusha said.

The tree was often used for directions, family photos, and even weddings.

“It was 115 years old and had been there forever,” said Cohen. “When it came down this year because of the disease, all the problems it had, and other safety factors it left a hole in the neighborhood and in the community."

Now that hole is occupied once again, this time with a much smaller companion.

The Sardis Christmas Tree is not a replacement, but another tradition in the making.

“Somebody came along and put that little Christmas tree there, hoping it would bring the community back together,” Cohen said.

The tree may be little in size, but the feeling it provides for those who live in Sardis is larger than life.

There's been an outpouring of excitement on social media.

“Now everybody has something they can rally around and support. Unfortunately, it's for the Christmas season and when the season is over the tree will go but we are going to put up a new shoe tree in the ballpark area,” added Cohen.

Residents helped decorate the Christmas tree, all leaving behind love they have for their community and keeping the significance of the intersection The Sardis Shoe Tree once stood on alive forever.

"I live over by it, but during the week I'm at work all the time. I really haven't had a chance to put an ornament on it,” Galusha said.

The Sardis Christmas Tree was donated by Renee Murberger Yates and family.