NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- After the recent Las Vegas attack, people remain on high alert. Many are keeping an eye out to make sure something like this doesn’t happen to them. That includes the North Little Rock School District.

They recently dealt with parental reports of a possible shooting threat that led to an investigation by district officials and the North Little Rock Police Department. After the investigation, the North Little Rock School District alerted students and parents on Thursday that the threat was non-credible.

Sergeant Brian Dedrick with the North Little Rock Police Department said their investigation found the potential threat was linked to a non-credible social media post that mentioned a threat to a "north" school in the Midwest. North Little Rock School District Superintendent, Kelly Rodgers, spoke to THV11 over the phone about the situation.

“We know how social media information gets out and we chose to contact our parents to let them know there was not a threat if they heard about it,” said Rodgers.

Little Rock Police Department Officer, Steve Moore, said threats after major attacks are all too common.

“I know we get more reports of these types of threats after what happened in Las Vegas,” he said.

He said more threats often get reported during these times because people are more in tune to what’s going on.

“Everybody’s on edge this close to something like that happening and you take it more seriously,” said Moore.

A simple Google search showed school violence threats in Alabama, Nebraska, Nevada, New York and more in recent days. Some of the threats were due to hackers.

“They get people riled up and create threats and hate,” said Moore. “Sometimes the people that started it have no involvement or connection to whatever area they're doing that in.”

In Iowa and Nebraska, the hacker group The Dark Overlord, who recently tried to extort Netflix, claimed they sent text messages to families threatening to harm and kill their children. Multiple schools cancelled classes to investigate.

Officer Moore said the best thing you can do is say something if you see something. They want to investigate, get to the bottom of any threat, and make sure people stay safe.

“Anything that you see that you deem as a threat, weather on social media or an email, you've got to take it seriously in this day and age,” said Moore.

Moore also recommends that parents keep an eye out on their kids' social media accounts. He says to talk to them about how serious these types of threats can be.