WASHINGTON (KTHV) - United States Senator Tom Cotton has praised President Donald Trump for the recent airstrike on a Syrian air base.

The attacked was ordered in response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed 86 people on Tuesday. About 60 missiles were fired from a U.S. Navy vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, striking multiple sites, including an airfield where a Defense official said warplanes used in the chemical attack were stationed.

A senior Defense official, who said they aren't authorized to speak publicly on the operation, said the attack follows a plan the Pentagon had put in place in September 2013.

In Cotton's statement, he commended Trump for taking "swift, decisive" action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He continued, calling Assad's regime an "outlaw regime."

"Any country that violates arms-control agreements with the U.S., develops illicit chemical- or nuclear-weapons programs, or supports those countries to do ought to take note," Cotton said.

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin told The Associated Press that the country's support for Assad is "not unconditional." Russia has supported the Syrian government since 2015 with military support.

The Syrian government said it hasn't used chemical weapons, blaming rebels for a chemical stockpile that was hit during an airstrike.