LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Social media has gone to the dogs…literally.

More and more pet owners are turning to Instagram and Facebook to share images of their precious pets with the world and some are even making a profit off of them.

Jessica Collier and her boyfriend Jacob Harris are proud pet parents. They take their French bulldogs, Marty and Maeve, just about everywhere they go.

“We don't have kids so it is the next best thing,” said Harris.

Every adventure they go on with their dogs is documented and shared with the world. Marty and Maeve have their own Facebook page, Instagram account and even star in their own movie.

“I think we realize it could be a little bit overboard,” said Collier.

Marty and Maeve with their parents, THV11
Marty and Maeve with their parents, THV11

Collier and Harris aren't alone.

“One in 10 dog owners create a profile just for their dog,” said Emily Reeves Dean, Director of Brand and Social Strategy at Cranford Co. in Little Rock.

Dean is a pet parent herself, and said she isn't surprised by the popularity of pets on social media.

“In fact, people who own pets are posting or talking about their pets at least six times a week on social media,” said Reeves Dean.

While some pet owners post for enjoyment, Dean said some are getting paid for it.

“People are making money. People that have hundreds of thousands of followers on their Instagram for their dogs are getting sponsored by brands and getting paid thousands of dollars per post if they put a brand with their dog. Dogs don’t mess up like humans do. They aren’t out doing something stupid or saying something stupid, so it’s a lot more practical sometimes for brands to sponsor dogs and put them out there in the real world.”

For Collier and Harris, it is simply about making other people smile.

“I think it is fun to kind of escape out of your normal world, any politics, whatever is going on, and just enjoy some innocent animals that are just cute and fun to watch,” said Collier.

If you are one of those people who get enjoyment out of watching dog or cat videos online, even while on the job, there is some good news.

Reeves Dean said research shows looking at pictures of dogs or cat or animals in general makes you more productive. She said it lifts you emotionally and allows you to focus more.